Privacy Policy

Section 1: Information Collection

We gather essential, publicly available, and other data in full compliance with applicable laws and regulations. Data is collected through analytics, forms, and various technologies, adhering to evolving regulatory requirements.

Section 2: Data Utilization

Collected data serves to enhance site reliability, performance, community service, and content improvement. On occasion, third parties, including Google Analytics, may engage with user data for vital purposes.

Section 3: Tracking Technologies

We do not utilize cookies. Any similar technologies employed are strictly for essential purposes and conform to pertinent regulatory requirements.

Section 4: Data Security and Protection

User data is shielded in alignment with all relevant regulations. Data is retained only for the necessary duration, and deleted data undergoes permanent, irrevocable removal.

Section 5: Third-Party Services

We may employ Google Analytics and hold the prerogative to incorporate other third-party services when vital.

Section 6: User Rights

Upon site use, users cannot access, modify, or delete their data. For privacy-related inquiries or concerns, users can contact us via our general contact inquiry form.

Section 7: Compliance and Updates

We adhere to applicable data protection laws to the extent mandated. Users will be apprised of Privacy Policy modifications through updates posted on this page.

Section 8: Contact Information

For contact details, kindly consult our contact page.

Terms of Service

Website Information:

This website, referred to as "the website," is owned and operated by the website operator.

User Acceptance:

By accessing and using the website, users automatically accept these terms. No age restrictions apply to users.

User Conduct:

User behavior is limited to reading or submitting private contact information, with no tolerance for spam. Public commenting or content posting is prohibited. Violations of these rules are subject to the website operator's discretion and potential legal action.

Intellectual Property:

All website marks are used with explicit license, in accordance with the fair use doctrine, or are open source. Users may share website content via external links, but content excerpting and reuse are not permitted.


User data usage complies with relevant regulations and requires express user permission for dissemination to non-affiliated parties. Cookies are not used, and any tracking technologies are limited to essential site functionalities (for more details, refer to the Privacy Policy).

Termination of Service:

The website operator reserves the right to terminate or suspend user access at any time, for any reason. Disputes will be resolved through amicable negotiation, followed by potential adjudication in Delaware chancery courts or an alternative jurisdiction determined solely by the website operator.

Disclaimers and Limitation of Liability:

Rankings are developed and reviewed by professional human researchers and editorial staff, although no guarantees of content accuracy are provided. The website assumes no responsibility for damages, aiming to limit liability to the fullest extent allowed.

Governing Law and Jurisdiction:

Delaware law governs these terms, and legal disputes are resolved in Delaware, USA. However, the website operator retains the right to change the venue of legal jurisdiction at any time, subject to their sole discretion.

Changes to Terms:

The terms can be altered at any time and for any reason by the website operator, with changes posted on this page to notify users.